Loma Prieta - Winery of the week

This one is about 3.5 miles from Cliff House. A little off the beaten path, maybe on the edge of the Earth judging from the drive. But holy poopers batman, this place is amazing. Maybe the most gorgeous and glorious view in California. If you’ve been to Esalen in the hot tubs over Big Sur, this crushes that. 2600 feet over Monterey Bay… it looks like a better version of the French Riviera - and maybe with some better wine.

And about the wine, Loma Prieta focuses on Pinotage where they make 80% of all produced in the US. It’s really, really different. Very knowledgeable vintners and easy to talk to. Open air bar in the super fresh clean air. Wonderful interior bar with yummy eats.

I love this place and could spend the entire day here (and occasionally I do. Give it a try. And if you miss it, we have plenty for you to try back home at Cliff House.

Bottoms up,