Terms & Policies



All reservations are done through this website directly, AIRBNB.COM or BOOKING.COM. See the BOOK tab for direct links.


Cancellations more than 24 hours before scheduled arrival will be fully refunded. Within 24 hours, no refunds will be given.


Check-in is between 3:00PM and 9:00PM on the day of arrival. Check-out is before11:00AM on the day of departure.


All exterior doors except the front door have screens which must always remain closed. Our cats are indoor cats and would not survive long if they escaped. Please do not let them out.

Similarly, there is a large (and very beautiful) wildlife population which lives on and traverses the property. These animals have zero fear of humans. It is very important to keep screen doors shut to ensure these beasties do not simply stroll inside.


Firearms are not permitted at all in Cliff House or on the property. We do not keep our own firearms here, and guests cannot possess them either, even in your car, and even with a concealed carry permit.

Cliff House is generally not suitable for small children. The terrain is rugged and very steep, and the cliff off the deck is over 300 feet high. If you believe that your children are of suitable age and maturity to handle the risk, please contact us for an exception to this policy.

Drinking excessive quantities of alcohol or taking other intoxicants is not advised due to the steep, rugged terrain and the height of the balcony. It is critical that falls, from the balcony or the grounds, be prevented.

Smoking of any kind is not permitted, inside or outside, due to extreme fire risk in this part of California.


Please park tightly in the driveway next to the house. There is no street parking and no parking at the neighbors. We do not close the security gates when guests are in residence.


We have two hypoallergenic Siberian cats. The cats sleep in the owner’s bedroom at night and are never permitted in guest suites. They are quite furry, and we keep Cliff House very clean.

If you wish to bring a pet to Cliff House, please check with us before reserving a suite.


We have an electronic coded lock on the front door. We change the codes very frequently. These changes are communicated to guests via email, and via the welcome packet they receive at check-in.

There is a sophisticated alarm system throughout the house which can be (dis)engaged for guests if desired.

There is surveillance technology deployed in the driveway and parking area facing away from the home. There is no recording, video, or other security or surveillance technology in the home, the decks or the grounds, and none will be permitted.